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In the 40 years since the young Swedish composer's first proper release, the two-part, fifty-minute composition has become a cult minimalist classic. Its textures and humanity remain deeply absorbing.

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Ragnar Grippe SAND

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SAND can be considered a performed piece of music as opposed to much of my other electronic compositions. Performed in the sense that it's real instruments where I recorded my own playing and then overdubbed differfent takes. I've been thinking about doing SAND live but have come to the conclusion that it is not feasable since I don't have access any longer to the old beaten up electric organ used, and knowing that anyone considering coming to a concert would like to have a true rendering of the original.

I think I'd better try to compose a new piece which is destined for the stage.....

The electronic music from 1973 with Capriccio until today's Sans Trace are compositions for tape or fixed media, and performed with live diffusion over a great number of speakers in concerts.

Podcasts are available within the web site ranging from the 70's to the 2010 and onwards. There is more to follow. Currently working on the new recording TRANSEAMUS

with soprano Madeleine Kristoffersson in a breathtaking new performance twenty years after Requiem and followed by Signorum Amor, both available on digital platforms such as Spotify, Apple Music and others.

TRANSEAMUS will be available 2018

Sans Trace is my latest electronic composition recently played at NYCEMF in New York june 2017. Release of Survive, a melodic electronic album on Apple Music among others is a continuation of my previous albums Complex Wold and No Comment.  Ideas from either genre is giving me ideas about new  directions to take when working with new compositions.  In the melodic work there is so much more involved with the sound as being a reference while in pure compositions the abstract character doesn't require as much tweaking since the sound is not recognized as being a reference. A guitar, drums and a bass are. Different worlds of thought.

My work is more and more linking the electronics with melodics, classical strokes with musique concrète and a search for the live performance that I can perform without getting a bored audience. A challenge.

Looking for new collaborations, light and sound is one where the music can be the 2nd violin instead of always being in the forefront. Timbre and acoustical virtual rooms - something that gives me inspiration every day

Maybe there will be a new composition which can be performed as heard on a new record, I need the instruments used for the composition also in the performance in order to be truthful to the music and message.  Is it vinyl or streaming, CD or tape ?  I soon think that the saturation of the market instead of broadening our knowledge of music rather restrains it from being discovered. A little vinyl shop ? Tower Records 2.0 ?  We haven't seen it come to its fruition yet, the msuic distribution is yet to find a way which is both viable and bettering the life of its customers

I hope you'll find something of interest on this site, as of today there are 44 years of electronic music and hopefully more to come.





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