Paris Ligne de Faille rehearsal january 23rd 2016

album cover CarCrash and Savannah Bay


january 29th 2016


music from the 80's

program GRM january 23rd 2016

Ligne de Faille world premiere

january 23rd in Paris


the future is not what it used to be

California Institute of the Arts

Enigma Frame

the album with

Enigma Frame, So Be It and Voix Insolites, all of them written at the turn of the century in 2000. Release september 25 2014 on iTunes

Cover album Enigma Frame
cover album le Poète with Bernard Heidsieck

Paris Month of may 2015

Work on Ligne de Faille at the Groupe de Recherches Musicales Studios

Name in english is Fault Line

The Piece is taking advantage of all sound manipulation techniques being researched in Paris in the GRM studios

Name S

studio C 2015  concert 1977

Studio C Groupe de Recherches Musicales
poster concert GRM Paris

François Bayle on le Poète

“makes me think of Shakespeare in jeans”

Car Crash and Savannah Bay

iTunes january 29th 2016

Ligne de Faille

World Premiere in Paris january 23rd 2016



collaboration with light designer Tobias Rylander with Lumière Etrange

Ligne de Faille is commissioned by INA GRM Paris France

world premiere Paris january 23rd 2016

Spider's Web new electronic music composition

Complex World is released june 2015 on iTunes and Spotify


release of Crushing Silence on iTunes

work on Heidsieck project in Paris is now completed  38 minutes of history

Crushing Silence will be featured at the New York Electronic Music Festival june 2014

Tamis modern dance piece in Singapore september 2014

le Poète

release June 2014 text and voice with Bernard Heidsieck

Bernard Heidsieck is no longer with us. The “father” of poésie sonore died in Paris november 22nd 2014.

When working on his Biopsies during 2013-2014 resulting in the album le Poète you hear his voice from the late sixties.

It was an honor to know him and to be his friend for so many years together with his family

the C E L L I S T

my new electronic composition finished in december 2014

will be played on Swedish National Radio on january 25 2015 Elektroniskt i P2

Crushing Silence

in concert at UCSB april 15th 2015

lecture at Cal Arts april 20th 2015

on the C E L L I S T

the C E L L I S T

to be performed in New York at the NYCEMF  New York Electronic Music Festival

june 22 - 28  2015



re-release of SAND

release of Guilty with video by Mattias Edwall

compose Crushing Silence

prepare work on Bernard Heidsieck Biopsies


Release on iTunes of Cold Numbers.

Works on DREAM TRAIN inspired by  but not house music will be released june 5th 2012

Cello repaired, back to the studio


november 30th 2010 No Dress Code released on iTunes and globally

Jingle for SR Swedish Broadcasting Corp.

The 52 minute piece has gotten a name


and will exist in surround and stereo versions

January 25th release globally of Signorum Amor with Soprano Madeleine Kristoffersson known from the BIS record Requiem with music by Grippe

Grippe will during 2011 release music from Jönssonligan and the popular TV sitcom Svensson Svensson


january  global launch of Soundtrack without a Movie on iTunes,  and many other platforms via X5 music Group

february Imani shown at the Berlin Film Festival

work on new project as 50 minutes an electronic piece for radio with retrospectives in sound from the 50's with the advent of la musique électro-acoustique

negociations  for new movies and music for launch of japanese manga

march 2010 NYCEMF Festival in New York City with world premiere of the 8th Abstraction

preparing live concerts

new lectures

collaboration with musicians with an album idea

Studies of vocal manipulation to be used in upcoming compositions

In the summer of 2010 I have worked on an album idea using many ethnic sources.

The inspiration came from a trip to the Maldives where the beauty of people and land struck me.

The album is No Dress Code

dedicated to Eva & Sonu Shivdasani for their extraordinary ecological conscience since 15 years

in their operation of Six Senses

This music will be available on november 30th for NO DRESS CODE on all major e-music platforms and in december for Signorum Amor

Madeleine Kristoffersson with whom I worked on Requiem is back now singing

Signorum Amor, 13 songs composed on words by Seneca. Signorum Amor is

Signed with Love. Originally recorded in 1997 and mixed in New York 2009 by

GRAMMY-nominated Jeremy Gerard  at the Gurari Studios

December 8th 2010 Ur Undrens Tid on Swedish National Radio

swedish radio december 8th 2010


compose the 8th Abstraction  electronic piece in stereo and 5.1 format (surround)

jingle Swedish Broadcasting Corp program OBS

re-mix of album Signorum Amor featuring soprano Madeleine Kristoffersson also known from Grippe's Requiem from 1996 released on BIS. Re-mix done by Jeremy Gerard in New York at the Gurari studios.

Score for IMANI feature movie by Caroline Kamya

Music for theatre play Gift med Alla (married to everyone) Oden Theatre Stockholm october 2009

lecture in University of California Santa Barbara about Napoli Down

Three weeks with Oscar winner Per Hallberg in Los Angeles studying music and sound design conflicts at Todd AO studios

April 2009  New York City NYCEMF Festival premiere of  Napoli Down, inspired by the present condition and abandon by tourists of the city.

Several radio programs in Swedish Broadcasting (national swedish radio) with music as

SAND (inspired by the sand paintings by Paris resident Viswanadhan) released on Shandar 1977 and re-released on Streamline

Conversation a piece from 1985 the 40th year since the Hiroshima bomb

Member of jury for nomination of best film music organized by swedish composers societies SKAP and FST under the auspices of STIM (swedish authors rights organization)

Festival in Bari Italy with Musique Douze presented as a classic piece.

Napoli december 23rd   Kaplans project with audition of  Napoli Down

The Best Film I've Never Seen

Michael B Tretow on Enigma Frame

NEW YORK june 5 -7  2016

World Premiere  Spider's Web at NATIONAL SAWDUST


new album may 20th 2016

on iTunes  Spotify

album No Comment
poster concert National Sawdust

Month of may in Paris now New York with Spider's Web

At this time iTunes doesn't give you any previews, please click show in iTunes and then iTunes Store. You will now have the preview option

Interview in swedish

MI  Musikindustrin by

Lars Nylin


to be released on vinyl

40 years later

limited edition

fall 2016

News cover SAND on Shandar label

40 YEARS of Electronic Music

Ragnar Grippe News


written for Amy Knoles

electronic music and percussion

excerpt Tomorrow

said to a friend ;

Yesterday I finished a piece which is called Tomorrow


Ten new songs for Madeleine Kristoffersson

We continue 20 years after REQUIEM with a new project to be presented 2017

Sans Trace

using sounds from so many sources that I no longer can tell

november 2016

will be performed in 2017

excerpt SANS TRACE

1952 december 4th on SR  Elektroniskt in P2

Swedish National Radio

Sans Trace

at New York City Electronic Music festival 2017

june 24 at 8pm

March 26 2017


new album with 16 songs all electronic with vocoder and without

on all digital platforms june 2017

SURVIVE excerpt

Ten new songs for Madeleine Kristoffersson


We continue 20 years after REQUIEM with a new project to be presented 2018

Elektroniskt i P2 oktober 22 2017



all rights reserved Grippe©2018

Elektroniskt i P2


world premiere

november 19th 2017

1 9 5 2 from 2012, the C E L L I S T from 2014,

Spider's Web from 2015, Sans Trace from 2016 and

Ragnarok 2017 now available on Spotify

Apple Music and all major platforms.

December 15 2017

Excerpt   R A G N A R O K


Kalejdoskop Sveriges Radio

14.januari 2018

Ragnar Grippe News

April 20th 2018,  20 years later after Requiem

Madeleine Kristoffersson is once again singing Grippe's work

the brand new TRANSEAMUS with words by Seneca the Younger

Recorded in Stockholm and New York

Ragnar Grippe - X5 Music Group

Apple Music Spotify and all major digital platforms

excerpt Transeamus


Tobias G Rylander

Ragnar Grippe

Gagnef july 5 - 7

electronic all in now on Spotify Apple

Ragnar Grippe - X5 Music Group


NYCEMF New York july 16 2018