In this program I play music from the 90's. Starting out with l'Arbre Egayé (1992), then from 1993 an excerpt from Suspended Choirs followed by 1994 Le Mécanicien Effréné (excerpt). From 1994 we listen to a portion of l'Archer Coupe l'Air en Deux , discuss  why and how I worked and now 1995 with an excerpt from La  Chambre d'une Rêve composed in Bourges. From 1996 we listen to Lux Aeterna with Madeleine Kristoffersson, then from the same year Shifting Spirits with voices from asylum seekers from many of the world's countries. From 1997 we listen to the opening to the feature movie Svensson Svensson and also a quirky piano variation on the theme to the movie. From 1998 we listen to Groupe de Recherches Musicales's commission to their 50th anniversary Grand Voyage sans Larmes (excerpt).

From 1999 we hear Non Est Itaque from Signorum Amor (available on iTunes and major digital platforms) with Madeleine Kristoffersson and as the end approaches an excerpt from Random at Heart with Won't give you More with Elisabeth Berg.

Please note that Shifting Spirits is also available on iTunes.

Thanks for listening !  Soon there will be a program on the 00's. Stay tuned

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the 90's

the 90's